Bob Republic Burger & Rib


Burger Bakar is one of the popular foods for those who like to taste grilled burgers and taste the uniqueness. Bob Republic Burger & Rib also have their own recipe. The bread that they used is made of bamboo charcoal and black bread. Do not be fooled by the black bread, which looks less savoury but the bread was soft and delicious. The patty is made of 97 percent of the meat and the rest is secret spices.

Prices are also affordable and amazing. Their serving of 6 pieces of meatballs + fries was only RM 5 and my burger was only RM 9. The place is really small and hidden, and difficult to find especially at night. Plus it was raining when I went there, so I wasn’t too happy about having wet soles in such a small space. However, I did love their lighting.Perhaps next time I’d have the food to take away and eat at the field or somewhere else, that would be perfect.

Here I want to share a few of burgers that they have in “BOB REPUBLIC BURGER & RIB” with the prices:

1. EVOLUTION  ( Grilled beef burger ) – RM 8

2. GCB ( Grilled chicken thigh with black pepper sauce ) – RM 9

3. GEISHA ( Grilled beef burger with fried egg ) – RM 9

4. LOVE HATE LOVE ( Grilled beef burger with nachos & salsa ) – RM 11


6. REPUBLIC TOWER ( Triple beef patty ) – RM 20


  • Monday – Sunday ( 7.30pm – 1.00am )
  • 012-279 4802
  • Seksyen 7 Shah Alam

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