K.STREET (Korean street food)


As currently I’m hooked on Korean variety show Running Man, I’ve been looking for places to eat Korean food. Street food is said to be the best way to get that delicious Korean taste. We found a food outlet situated at Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid. The name, K.Street (The Best Korean Street Food in Town).

It’s situated along the “street” where lots of food stalls are. It is beside Takoyaki stall and towards the end near the IT area. Setting of the place does look like you’re dining in a street cafe/restaurant. Space wise is not that wide but able to accommodate about 20 pax at a time. Not much decoration but enough to make you feel as if you in a cafe in Korea. Let’s move to the famous food in this cafe.



For those who do not know or never seen  Kimchi here i show you. It taste spicy and sour . This is Traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. Spicy food lover should try this.


The ramyeon is full of flavour. The soup is not at all bland. You can taste every bit of spices in it. It is very spicy .The portion of the ramyeon is equivelant to one a half to two Maggi packets. Garnished with seaweed generously.


Name: K. Street (The Best Korean Street Food in Town)
Location: Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid (F1.Av.197 )


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